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Amazingly spacious, beautiful décor and the warm service by the restaurant staff, makes one, want to visit this place more often than usual. An amazing fine dine experience with a stunning view of the swimming pool reflecting the moonlight.

Masaledaar appeals to a diner’s senses – sight, smell and hearing which creates an ambiance a customer can enjoy after a long day or a relaxed weekend.

Keeping in mind the palate of Indian as well as International guests. Our Menu provides a varied, tastiest and gigantic selection of Indian and Chinese specialty dishes as well as drinks. Holding a huge bar and private dining room catered by Mini Punjab. Hot or cold, spicy or zesty, the choice is completely yours.


The interior design plays a significant role; i.e. colors, lights, sounds and staff; a visit to a restaurant is all about how you feel as soon as you enter. As it’s said, “warm colors, good lighting and music promote positive feelings”; this is just the place. The colors, lights used and music played are subtle, soothing to ones eyes and ears, making you feel calm and relaxed while enjoying the dinner. The combination and theme makes you feel good and enjoy the moment.

The restaurant is designed to look after you and making your comfortable. The spacing of each table is done keeping in mind the need of the hour and much needed privacy. This gives the diners and servers to move around with comfort and have a good dining experience. Our restaurant keeps in mind the balance between spacing and capacity to accommodate all the guests.

We employ highly trained, hard working and people friendly staff, which makes sure the customer, feels ‘looked after’ as soon as they step into the restaurant. We factor in professionalism and friendliness of server, promptness of service and server’s knowledge of menu as an integral part of their job profile.

We serve our customers by assessing their wants and needs. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Hence, all the feedback and suggestions are acted upon with an open mind to improve key restaurant metrics, including repeat business, increased spend per visit, and increased recommendations.

We provide a complete and memorable dining experience and thrive to achieve great customer satisfaction.

( please add the great pool view that it offers along with finger licking and pocket friendly lunch and dinner buffet services. The restaurant also provides special women’s kitty party offers along with a fun day experience either in the salon or pool).