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1.    A person admitted for a period of 5 years membership or more from the date of admission.

2.    The membership deposit is not refundable.

3.    Children below the age of 21 years shall be classified as associate members.

4.    Upon attaining the age of 21 years the associate members may be admitted as a member, in that case he shall get preferences over other membership applications and is entitled to a certain percentage of discounts on membership fees prevailing at that time provided he has been an associate member for the last two years.

5.    Dependent parents, above the age of 60 years can be enrolled as associated parent members.

6.    Subjected to the approval of club’s management, member can transfer remaining years of his membership to his family member by paying the prescribed membership transfer fees.

7.    In case of death of a member – his membership (subject to approval of club management) can be transferred to his own family member.





1.    Any Executive or Self Employed person or a company registered under Companies Act 1956 is admitted for a period of 5 years or more from the date of admission. The company can enroll more than one nominee.

2.    Membership deposit is not refundable.

3.    Membership is transferable, after payment of transfer fees as decided by the management.

4.    Club management is entitled to screen the nominees and to decline or to accept any person as a nominee in that case the corporate member shall nominate another person.

5.    Each nominee shall be above the age of 21 years and hold an execution position.

6.    The corporate member may request a change of nominee by submitting an application in writing for the new nominee along with I-cards of the original nominee and the prescribed service charges.

7.    The subscription shall be charged according to the number of nominees enrolled.

8.     AMC shall be paid by the company on behalf of the member.




The rights/claim of member is restricted to the use of club facilities offered by the club and to receive the deposit if any to the terms and conditions provided hereunder i.e., to say that member shall have no right to interfere in the management of the club or claim any property of the club.



1.    All members entering the club premises are required to mark their attendance by swiping their I-cards / entry in register at the members exclusive floor and in every sports department used by the member.

2.    All members are required to furnish the name,phone number and the relationship of the guests at the reception counter.




1.    All the members with more than 1 year are subject to payment of AMC after the 1st year of membership.

2.    The charges are separate for the respective categories and should be paid within 3 months of raising the bill of payment.

3.    If the member fails to comply with the payment of the AMC after 3 reminders or within 3 months, the membership shall be suspended or cancelled as decided by the management till the payment is made.



1.    No person can be introduced as a guest in the club for more than four occasions in any calendar month either by one member or other members.

2.    A guest shall not sign for the member for any purpose.

3.    A guest shall not sign for any facility used at the club.

4.    A member introducing a guest shall be personally responsible for all expenses incurred by his guest and for his observance of rules and regulations of the club and for his overall conduct.

5.    The club is entitled to alter / vary / amend and add rules regarding the introduction of guests from time to time, including issuing of direction for controlling, restricting.

6.    Each member introducing a guest in the club is required to pay the guest fees as prescribed by the club management from time to time.

7.    Member is required to pay the guest fee for the games played by the guest. The member is required to be present in the department where his guest is playing games.

8.    Permitting the entry of guest is the sole discretion of the club management.




1.    Each person admitted as a member except honorary member, is required to pay non-refundable deposit as per the category of membership as may be prescribed by the club management from time to time.


2.    AMC – Each person admitted as a member, is required to pay annual fees prescribed by the club management from time to time.




1.    Each member shall be provided with an identity card on payment of requisite fees as may be prescribed by the club management from time to time.

2.    I-card shall have to be produced at the time of entering the club and / or entering any department of the club and also whenever amended by staff on duty.

3.    I-card shall be used only by the person in whose favor it has been issued.



1.    Loss of I-card shall be intimated to the club in writing.

2.    Duplicates shall be issued on payment of the prescribed fees.

3.    In case the original is traced it shall be returned to the club forthwith.

4.    The club shall not be responsible for any misuse of the lost I-card.




1.    Lockers are provided on day use basis only.

2.    Usage of locker is at the sole risk of the member.

3.    Club management shall not be responsible for any loss or pilferage from the locker under any circumstances.

4.    Storing of prohibitive / explosives / inflammable / objectionable articles are not permitted. The member shall be fully responsible for any illegality in this respect.



1.      The servants, ayahs, drivers, and attendants of members while they are in the club premises shall be subjected to the direction and controls of the club management.

2.    Members are not allowed to introduce their servants as guest.



1.    Complaints and suggestions can be made in the register specifically provided at the reception.

2.    A member may, if he so desires, address his written complaint/suggestion directly to the in-charge of the club.

3.    All complaints and suggestions will be reviewed by the Club Management and corrective steps as deem fit will be taken.



1.    It is expected that each member and their guest maintain due decorum and decency within the premises of the club. They shall use the club facilities without causing nuisance / annoyance or inconvenience to others and conduct themselves in an orderly and decent manner.

2.    Playing of musical instruments, transistors and tape recorders are prohibited.



1.    Club management reserves its rights to suspend, in full or in part, any of the facilities at its discretion, for such period as it may deem fit and proper in its sole discretion, without assigning any reason or on account of any exigencies beyond its control.

2.    Members shall not be entitled to demand any rebate / remission for such suspended periods under any circumstances.



1.    The club management shall not, under any circumstances whatsoever be responsible for any injury, hurt, damage, harm, loss of life, that a member or his guests or his children may sustain when the club premises. The club management shall not be liable for any claim for damages in respect of such injury hurt, pain and loss of life.

2.    The club management shall not be responsible for any loss of cash, valuable or personal belongings of the member, their guests and residents within the club premises.


First aid is available in the club premises for minor injuries and complaints.


No photography permitted in the club premises without specific permission from the club management.


1.    Bringing alcoholic drinks from outside is prohibited.

2.    Consumption of alcohol is permitted only in specific places arranged by the club.




Use of any drugs or dope in the club premises by any person is strictly prohibited.



1.    Any complaint against any of the employees of the club is to be made in writing to the incharge of the department mentioning reasons of complaint in detail.

2.    No member is permitted to enter into an argument or altercation with any staff.





Any damage/loss/pilferage caused to any of the club properties by any member or his guest, the club management shall be entitled to recover such loss or compensation from such. The loss or compensation so decided by the club management in this regard shall be conclusive and binding on such member.



1.    Members are required to report any loss of their personal belongings at the reception immediately, in their own interest.

2.    Article found by the member / guest not belonging to them arew required to be deposited at the reception.

3.    Any unclaimed article shall be kept at the reception for a period of two months and thereafter disposed off by the club.



No member shall create disturbance or any nuisance in the club premises, which may interfere with the enjoyment of the club facilities by other members or their families or guests. No member shall abuse the management or any staff member, which may create ill impression about the club or the management. If any member and their guest is found acting against the above mentioned rule or advice of the management he / she may be asked to leave the premises of the club.



1.    It shall be incumbent on the part of the club management to add, cancel, alter, vary, change, modify or substitute any rules inits sole discretion from time to time and the same shall be binding on the members.

2.    The members shall not, under any circumstances, dispute or chall;enge such modifications.

3.    It shall be also incumbent on the part of the club management to vary / enhance various fees, charges, contribution or subscriptions in respect of the facilities from time to time.

4.    Management shall also be entitled to cancel / extinguish the existing types of membership at its sole discretion and be further entitled to introduce new types of memberships from time to time.



The services offered to be provided by the management to the members as per the rules of the management are subject to any circumstances beyond the control of the management including any act or law notification or ordinance passed by the government or any public body or authority or any circular, directive or order issued or passed by any authority or authorities having power to issue the same in India or any judgment or order passed by any judicial forum having in India.



Each member is required to intimate, in writing, about any change of address immediately. The club shall deem the last address as per the club records as proper and correct address.



The club management at its sole discretion is entitled to take /initiate, disciplinary action against erring members including warning, censor, suspension or explusion under the following reasons:

1.    Member and his guest willfully and deliberately   fail to comply with the direction / instrument given by the club management.

2.    Member or his guest willfully and deliberately fails to comply with rules and regulations of the club management.

3.    Member is found guilty of any offence involving moral turpitude.

4.    Member acts / behaves / conducts in a manner which in the opinion of the management is likely to cause disharmony amongst the members or adversely affect the reputation, goodwill and interest of the club.

5.    Member commits defaults in making payments to the club on more than three occasions.

6.    Member is found not desirable in the opinion of the club in the larger interest and its members.

7.    A member shall be liable for expulsion by the club management without assigning any reason for there doing so. On such expulsion the member shall forthwith cease to be the member of the club and shall not have any claim against the club or the management of the club in any manner whatsoever.



Upon the death of the member, the nominee of the member has the option of continuing or transferring the membership to the next of kin subject to the approval of the club.



Membership shall expire on the completion of membership period. A month before the expiry an intimation for renewal shall be provided to the member for further renewal.



Each member is required to appoint a nominee. Failure to do so the club management reserves the right to refuse to recognize and admit any claims by anyone after the death of member.



Members vehicles parked inside the club compound or outside shall be at their own risk.





1.      For all matters/issues which are not covered under these rules and regulations it shall be dealt with at the sole discretion of the club and the same shall be final and binding on the member.

2.      The members, their guests shall be subject to the instructions, directions, supervision and control of the club management and its employees while they are within the premises of the club.


1.    There rules and regulations made herein above shall take effect from 1/08/2015 and stand amended, altered, varied, and substituted all the previous rules and regulations and for all practical purposes rules and regulations as contained hereunder shall be binding on all the members.

2.    Whenever any amendments are made in the rules and regulations it shall become binding upon such amendments being displayed on the club notice board 7 days thereafter.



The members of the club have no right to form any sort of association / union for the purpose of raising any demand/issue on club. If formed such association/union shall not be recognized by the club management. The members forming such association shall be liable to be expelled from membership.



No member of club of any category has any right to interfere in the management or affairs of the club.



The property of the club moveable or immoveable belongs to S. P Motels. No member of any category shall make any claim whatsoever against it.



1.    No person has right to enter the club premises except as provided in the rules and regulations.

2.    The right of admission in the club is reserved.

3.    The management of the club can expel any person from the club premises.

4.    The use of all facilities by the member is subject to rules and regulation formed by the management of the club from time to time.



All disputes between members and the club management shall be settled by an arbitrator appointed by the latter.